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By , November 12, 2009

Roz and Trond are a couple of middle-aged DINKOBs (Dual Income, No Kids Or Brains). After twenty years together, they decided to quit their jobs, sell their condo and head for South America by motorcycle any means necessary. Can two of the most unprepared adventurers ever pull it off? Dog knows, but it should be a fun train wreck to watch.

Addendum: Trond and Roz returned safely to Canada May 30th, 2011 – a year and 9 months after beginning their journey. What a trip!

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  1. Paul White says:

    Hey guys – Connie & I have been together for 19 years (20 this August) and you are living our dream. I took a look at your KLR this morning, Silas is great by the way, I loved the bike, could totally see myself on it. Connie doesn’t ride but maybe she could drive the support (beer) vehicle. I made an offer based on what I have seen here in Vancouver so far and yes, I am a hard ass, my Scottish background but you guys are so great. I see Connie and me in both of you and I am super envious of your time together. I can’t wait to show her your blog tonight. Take care and have a tonne of fun.

  2. Zuly says:

    Hey Guys I visited your website as well.
    Take care and write something about Panama.

  3. Stania says:

    Yay! you’re back…loving!! xo xo

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